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South LA's Mid-Century Bethlehem Baptist Protected

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Rudolph Schindler's Bethlehem Baptist Church has made it through the Historic-Cultural Monument gauntlet and is now included on the city's list following approval from the City Council this week. The 1944 church is the only mid-century Modern building in South LA, according to the Cultural Heritage Commission. It was once blue, red, and black, but has faded to white after being out of use for years. The owner, who is a licensed plumber according to the Contractor's State License Board, has been absent throughout the HCM process, and a rep for Jan Perry, who brought the nomination for the building, tells us they still haven't heard from him. A report from the CHC includes a certified letter to him dated November 18. We can't find evidence of any action for the church, but if you know anything, please let us know.
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