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Evil CAA Agents Eat Babies, Won't Validate Death Star Parking

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[2000 Avenue of the Stars via Gensler; ticket via Validation]

CAA agents are just milking the reputation at this point, right? We missed it at the beginning of the year, but CAA stopped validating for parking at the Century City Death Star (The Wrap wrote that "validation stickers" were handed out to Spielberg-types.). In January, the LA Times reported that, "CAA insiders say they have no say over the parking charges, since the valet concession at their building (which they don't own) is unionized and out of the agency's control. They were able to negotiate a small reduction in the parking charges..." and they went on to report that parking cost $34 for two hours. Haha! Of course that's not true! 2000 Avenue of the Stars will gladly charge you $3.50 every 12 minutes for self-park or valet, but they have a $32 daily max (which you will hit at just under two hours). So no big deal at all, stop shrieking. Now Sharon Waxman is reporting that, as might be expected, the change saved CAA $800,000 this year. She's also incredulous ("really, I'm not kidding") that some hearty CAA visitors have been parking at the Westfield Century City (three hours free) and hoofing it around the corner. Unemployed people with nice cars, we're giving this one away for free: shuttle service.
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