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Small Kids Get the Boot in Culver City

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A reader writes in to share a sad tale involving small kids and city parks. We asked a rep at Culver City for a comment, but didn't hear back. Anyway, our reader writes: "I’m currently living with my wife and a two ½ year old son in Culver city, which is predominantly family oriented as you know. For the course of more than one year my wife was taking our son to the playground in Veterans Park until a few months ago, when CC decided to replace the existing play space for 2-5 year old (recently upgraded with new slide) with a new one for 5 to 12 year children.

There was indeed a design workshop which basically just gave three options to chose from. (small variances between them), and it was until now that several parents realized that this structure is not appropriate for the dozens of children that used to play here.

It’s true there are older children but they just use the space for a couple of hours after school....We went to try the playground this weekend and there is absolutely no way that we can go back there since the climbing walls and the 7 ft tall slides are a big temptation to our little son and his little friends.

P.S. Apparently they realized their mistake and now the playground is full of stickers and a BIG sign that states that the playground is intended for 5 to 12 year old children: I guess just a way to clean up their hands and avoid any liability." UPDATE: Patrick Reynolds, Parks Manager, City of Culver City responds in comments.
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