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Wilshire Subway: Fed Funds Requested, Crenshaw Stop Blasted

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Metro is wasting no time appealing to the feds for money to pay for the Wilshire subway extension to Westwood, as well as the Downtown Connector line, reports the transit agency's blog, The Source. Metro CEO Art Leahy formally requested $77.6 million in transit New Starts funding to pay for engineering for the two projects in 2011 (if that happens, groundbreaking could probably happen in 2013). Congressfolk like Diane Watson and Henry Waxman (yes, we know he helped kill the Wilshire extension back in the '80s) seconded that notion with their own letters to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. A good sign for the federal money (of which, they'll be more requests) is that there is currently no New Starts funding being used in LA County since the Gold Line Eastside Extension wrapped up construction and opened last month. In other subway news, the Larchmont Chronicle reports that the Wilshire Homeowners Alliance (a coalition of 12 area residential groups) wrote a letter in November to Metro asking them to scrap the optional Crenshaw station: "Scarce subway construction funds should not be wasted on building an expensive station in this low-density location, very close to the existing station at Western Avenue." There's already been debate about the homeowners' motivations. Pictured: preliminary drilling for the subway near Fairfax
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