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Madison in Crisis! More "Million Dollar" Theft Alleged

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Million Dollar Listing star Madison Hildebrand had his name sullied this week when a representative from The Leap Foundation, a charity Hildebrand recently co-hosted an event with, sent a mass email claiming Hildebrand ran off with money meant for needy high school/college graduates. Via the Advocate: Michael Dean Shelton wrote in the email that "it came to my attention yesterday that my co-host, Madison Hildebrand, for the December 7th, 2009 event at The Abbey, West Hollywood had decided to pocket the majority of the money raised by us for his personal expenses... 100 percent of the sale of raffle tickets and flat donations were to go to The Leap Foundation and portion of the sale of Madison's book was to benefit The Foundation." The Malibu realtor denies any wrongdoing. Previously, realtor Josh Flagg was accused of art theft.
· Madison Hildebrand vs. Leap Foundation [Advocate]