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Vegas Party Train A' Coming? Take a Seat in Century City

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LAS VEGAS: Via the Inbox: A reader points out that new Vegas to Fullerton train is supposed to be finished by next year. Perhaps the reader is confusing this with that desert express train? No matter. This train has gaming! He writes: "The [quick opening] is absolutely news to me. They're claiming they'll start service from Fullerton to Vegas on New Year's Eve next year, for a $99 round-trip. Perhaps by then they can update their web design to something beyond 1994, too?" According to their Facebook page, the train is "launching their plan to begin round-trip passenger train service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas over the existing rail tracks! The "X" Train will be complete with gaming, bars & restaurants!" And the music on the web site rocks. Check out the site here. [Curbed InBox]

CENTURY CITY: The trend towards assigned seating marches on. In a press release, AMC Entertainment announced today that it will now offer guests at AMC Century City 15 (on Santa Monica Blvd) reserved seating. "All seats and wheelchair spaces will be assigned numbers and guests will be able to choose their seats when purchasing tickets at the box office, automated box office (ABO) or online for all auditoriums at AMC Century City 15." [Curbed Inbox]