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Car Collectors Chased Out of Woodland Hills Mall

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A group of classic car collectors in Woodland Hills are facing a lawsuit from the owner of a strip mall who accuses the group of congregating on Sunday mornings at the mall, according to the Daily News . "The lawsuit targets the classic car lovers and the Village Coffee Roaster, a tenant that had spearheaded the informal Sunday gatherings. Filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the lawsuit alleges trespassing and nuisance, and serves as a restraining order against the motorists, listed anonymously as John Does 1-500." But as the car collectors admit, they were taking up space, and the "Woodland Hills mall's large parking lot was occasionally near or at capacity with these tricked-out vehicles until about 10:30 a.m. on the last Sunday of the month. Some even parked illegally in the red zones." For now, the group has moved to a new shopping center in Northridge, while an attorney representing the Village Coffee Roasters has filed a cross-complaint alleging discrimination.
· Lawsuit bans car buffs from shopping center [Daily News]