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Culver City's Town Plaza Project Is Off, Parties Point Fingers

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This week, Culver City's Redevelopment Agency directed staff to issue a termination notice for its agreement with Rush Pacifica, the San Diego-based development group for the 9300 Culver Boulevard and Town Plaza Expansion projects. The deal made in 2006 would have sold Parcel B aka 9300 Culver Boulevard to Rush Pacifica. An additional agreement would have seen the developer expand the existing Town Plaza. (And the developer was to design and construct the Washington Boulevard realignment, which they did.) At the end of the day (or decade), Culver City would have ended up with a three-story commercial building on Parcel B designed by Gensler.

The project isn't happening anymore, at least not in this form. But luckily we can all console ourselves with a little developer/Redevelopment Agency bickering. Left in the wake are CRA documents (posted on the city's web site) in which each party blames the other for the project's failure. Rush Pacifica says the city and the agency held up their work, and in the meantime, the economy tanked. The Redevelopment Agency says Rush Pacifica caused the delays.

In a July letter, Rush Pacifica's lawyer included a timeline that says the city and the Redevelopment Agency didn't like their choice of architects, prospective tenants, or design (including exterior colors). The agency responded point by point in an August letter. Let's check out the highlights, including a total dis on Vitamin Shoppe. Developer's initial timeline to the left, agency response to the right:

C'mon guys. Don't let the poor, undeveloped parcels hear mom and dad fight like this.
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