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wHY Architecture's Art Bridge Coming to Valley Glen

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[First four images via ArchDaily; last two via wHY Architecture]

This little bridge from Culver City's wHY Architecture is going to do a lot of heavy lifting--the firm's website calls the Art Bridge "a product and a reflection of the Los Angeles River, which in turn is the reflection of Los Angeles history." The bridge is just 1,200 square feet, but it will serve pedestrians from the Valley Glen community and Los Angeles Valley College, and act "as an interpretative station for viewing and understanding the significance of [Judith Baca's] the Great Wall of Los Angeles mural." It's also made largely out of trash from the river: bottle glass, styrofoam, tires, tennis balls, and of course shopping carts. If all that isn't enough, it also has a slit in the floor that shows the river, "symbolizing the void in history." According to ArchDaily, the bridge has been approved and will start construction in 2010.
· Art Bridge [wHY Architecture]
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