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Hollywood W Opening Next Month, Wuhan Rixin Lights Up Pasadena

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HOLLYWOOD: If the Hollywood W was supposed to open by year's end, now the hotel is looking at a January 28th opening date, according to a rep for the project. Meanwhile, here's the latest photo of the project--and this shot really shows off the length of the development. The W Hotel is in the front, and the apartment portion aka developer Legacy's apartment building (the whole project was developed together) is after the single row of windows (the red part). Got it? [Curbed Staff]

PASADENA: Blogger Brigham Yen snaps a few photos of the new photovoltaic solar panels being installed at the Lake Ave Gold Line station in Pasadena. "The solar panels are owned by the Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) and are manufactured by the Chinese technology company Wuhan Rixin. At 20 kW of energy produced by the solar panels, the solar consultant I spoke to said it would provide more than enough for the lights at the station itself, and any surplus energy would be fed back into the grid." [Brigham Yen]