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Ball-Nogues Brings the Chinese Dragon to Shenzhen

Via Space Invading
Everyone to China! Local Los Angeles design firm Ball-Nogues Studio has teamed up with retailer American Apparel on an installation for the third Biennale of architecture in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. According to the Guardian, Ball-Nogues made a Chinese dragon out of 12,000 American Apparel shirts and underpants for the main exhibition space in the Shenzhen Civic Centre. Check out all the photos via this link. The more interesting part of the Guardian story is the backstory on the city of Shenzhen, described as a lab experiment of capitalism and urbanization. Following the city's rapid growth in the 1990s, the Biennale was born, a "government-sponsored attempt to establish one thing Shenzhen lacks: a cultural scene." Fast Company is also covering the event, which runs through January 23 in Shenzhen (the event is also running in Hong Kong).
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