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Beverly Hills Blue Goes On, Tattoo Package at Venice's Hotel Erwin

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BEVERLY HILLS: It appears the drama over the new Beverly Hills building--the one that may or may not hold the offices for the WME headquarters--will continue into the next year. For those just catching up, earlier this year WME head Ari Emanuel booted Gensler, who did the exteriors of this building, from the interior job on their offices, instead hiring architect Neil Denari. But then it wasn't clear if WME was staying in this building or going elsewhere. Asked if there was any update, a rep for Denari wrote back last week that there was "no update." [Curbed Staff]

VENICE: Times are tough for hoteliers, who have to dream up some creative packages to lure guests. The Hotel Erwin in Venice, that newish boutique hotel, is offering a new "tattoo special" for guests, a $399 deal that's being called an “Ink and Stay” package. According to the release, visitors "get a $100 voucher for the services of Norm, the hotel’s in-house tattoo and graffiti artist." Hey, hey, Norm. Additionally, the hotel is offering to give $500 to any guest that gets the tattoo “I HEART HOTEL ERWIN.” [Lodging Uptake]