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Early Christmas for Geologists in Palos Verdes Lawsuit?

Last year, Trump filed a $100 million lawsuit against Rancho Palos Verdes over issues related to the construction of 20 homes and amenities at his Trump National Golf Club. But it wasn't just the city that was sued. In his suit, Trump alleged that "the city and its geologic advisers engaged in 'willful, wanton, malicious, oppressive and outrageous' acts." Well, the geologists may be dismissed from the case, reports the Daily Breeze. Yesterday, a court commission handed down a preliminary ruling, and according to the paper, "Commissioner Bruce E. Mitchell said he was prepared to dismiss some of the parties from the case altogether and pare the allegations against those that remain...If Mitchell's tentative ruling is finalized, the geologists would be removed as defendants. The suit maintains both evaluated the Trump project and recommended the city require additional testing and analyses that were unnecessary and cost him millions of dollars." Won't those geologists enjoy Christmas more if they're not being dragged into a lawsuit with the Don, who has been portrayed in the press as being rather aggressive in his stance against the city.
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