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A Quick Flip In Los Feliz

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What worries us most about this listing is the copious number of photos of the kitchen and pool and not a single bedroom, and a paltry two of the living room. Is there even a dining room? Because the kitchen doesn't look like an eat-in. Yet what we do see looks pretty good. The two-bedroom, two-bath features a "solar heated saline pool & an elevated tiled stone spa," a detached studio, marble countertops in the kitchen and a "restored collectible stove." The house looks like it's a flip - last sold in July for $864,000, today's asking price is $997,000 or $588 per square foot. Neighborhood comps are $462 per square foot according to Redfin.
· 4524 Ambrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027 [Redfin]

4524 AMBROSE Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027