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Councilman May Be Suing Own City Over Harbor Rezoning Plan

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Now this is interesting: Down in Redondo Beach, a city councilman is urging a lawsuit against his own city over a rezoning plan, reports the Daily Breeze. The group, which has the support of City Councilman Bill Brand, wants a submitted harbor rezoning plan to be put up to a citywide vote, and have launched a web site to gather support and donations. Excerpt from their web site: "Redondo Residents, Defend Your Right to Vote on Big Development. The Redondo Beach City Council have indicated they will soon approve 400,000 square feet of additional development in King Harbor. This paves the way for a massive waterfront mall along with the possibility of three story time-shares and more - all built without a vote of the people." The group believes the vote is necessary under Measure DD, a recently passed "slow-growth measure that requires a public vote on major land-use changes," according to the Daily Breeze. And more via the paper: "The councilman's involvement in the fundraising drive is encouraging for his supporters, who believe they've gained a strong voice on the council. Yet others question his dual role as an elected official and activist advocating a lawsuit against the city."
· Councilman backs land-use lawsuit [Daily Breeze]