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Hewitt Street Drama Update: Loft Appeal Leaving

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Remember how the fur was flying down on Hewitt Street in the Arts District following developer Howard Klein's purchase of the long brick warehouse across from Barker Block? You'll recall that developer KOR sold the warehouse, which houses tenants including Loft Appeal and Lofty Dog, a move that had some Barker Block residents wondering what Klein planned for the site. Following the sale this fall, Lofty Dog announced it would leave, while KOR and Loft Appeal battled it out in court over non-payment of rent. Well, here's an update in the KOR-Loft Appeal lawsuit. There's been a settlement, according to Richard Reams, owner of Loft Appeal. "We don’t owe them a penny and we have three months to move out," says Reams, adding that he'll be out of the space by February, if not sooner. Looking up the case on the LA Superior Court's web site, it does look like the case is concluded, but KOR didn't respond to an email to confirm there was a settlement. A rep for Howard Klein declined to comment on the case. Either way, the early retail pioneers of Hewitt Street are indeed outta there.
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