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Playboy Mansion Targeted by Local Religious Group

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The Christian Post reports that Strike LA, a local Christian organization, picketed outside the headquarters of a major men's pornography magazine this past Saturday. The Post won't say what magazine was picketed, but according to Strike LA's own web site, the group was scheduled to protest in front of the Playboy Mansion. And let's find out a bit more about Strike LA. Here's more via their web site: "Over the last few years, the group said it has held about 30 so-called strikes, which involve participants fasting and praying for God to intervene and release the city of Los Angeles from the bondage of the 'enemy.' Each strike event culminates in a prayerful march at a specific location that represents a sector that needs God’s intervention, such as education, Hollywood, the courts, sports, and the marketplace." LAUSD does need help, yes. Sports, sure. But what did Marketplace ever do wrong?
· Christians 'Strike' Porn Landmark with Prayer [Christian Post]