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Some of those Street Signs Coming Down?

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These are the signs you have to be careful not to walk into. Five years ago, advertising company Metrolights (a company which is now known as Fuel Outdoor) sued the city after being ticketed for non-permitted street signs. In their case, Metrolights argued the city couldn't prohibit new "off-site" signs while also selling other outdoor space. Well, a judge ruled in favor of the city, and today, the US Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of the case, effectively ending the matter, according to the Coalition to End Billboard Blight. The Billboard Blight people are wondering whether the signs will now come down, asking "wouldn’t a justifiable result be the removal of all the illegal signs and disgorgement of a significant amount of that revenue the company bet it could make and put in the bank? " Ah, tasty disgorgement. Back in January, following the 9th Circuit win, a rep for then city attorney Rocky Delgadillo us that it was up to Building and Safety to ticket the signs.
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