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Bits and Pieces of Columbia Savings Will Be Saved

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The Columbia Savings Building may have been dealt a death sentence last week as the city approved an apartment complex on the site of the Wilshire Boulevard building, but some parts of the structure are being salvaged. Last Sunday morning, we watched as construction workers carted off this green-colored sculpture. And lo and behold. Bogatz & Associates, a company that specializes in "modern architectural salvage from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s," is now advertising one of those pieces. From Bogatz's web site. "Large Metal Sculpture 1950s. The sculpture is 40’long x 18”wide x 11’ high. The sculpture is on hold but may be for sale in the near future." A rep for the LA Conservancy believes that perhaps Bogatz purchased the building's stained glass ceiling, too.
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