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City Council Has An Opinion On the 710 Extension

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The City Council jumped into the 710 extension melee this week, passing a resolution opposing two potential tunnel areas. Caltrans's Tunnel Technical Study defines five study zones, and the Council doesn't want the tunnel going under Zones One or Two, both of which are mostly in the city of LA. It calls those options "impractical and not cost-effective." And while the council's final resolution doesn't explicitly support a Zone Three tunnel, which would take the 710 more or less right up through South Pasadena to the 210, (it sounds like an earlier version did) it does bring up El Sereno, which could be affected by that option. The resolution says the city opposes any 710 action or legislation unless it includes "language protecting the community of El Sereno by specifying that the freeway tunnel portal must begin and end south of Valley Boulevard."
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