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Columbia Square Approved, How Tall is too Tall for Hollywood?

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This morning, the Planning Commission approved the Columbia Square project, a development that'll bring a condo tower, office tower, and a hotel to the area around Sunset Blvd and Gower St. The condominium portion is 28 stories, and it's that height that has some people in the neighborhood freaked out (and during this morning's public comment portion of the meeting, some residents spoke out against the 28-story tower). In terms of size, it's not only density, but shadows that people worry about. While you chew on the idea of another tall building in Hollywood, compare this project to other buildings in Hollywood and the city.
W Hollywood, 15 stories
Sunset + Vine, 22 stories
Capitol Records, 13 stories
House of Blues, 22 stories
US Bank, 73 stories
The Century, 42 stories
Evo, 24* stories
Meanwhile, back the approval of the project. While the existing 136,233 square foot Columbia Square complex--it was built in 1938--will be retained and renovated, one portion of the office structures, which wasn't designed by noted architect William Lescaze (who designed the rest of the complex), was slated to be knocked down. This is Studio B/C (4th Wing), located on the northeast corner of the site, but at today's meeting, the Planning Commission stated it would advise further consideration and study of the decision to take down Studio B/C.

*Evo is 24, not 23 stories as originally written
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Columbia Square

6121 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA