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Light Rail for Crenshaw Line, Reprieve for El Segundo

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The Source is covering today's Metro Board of Directors meeting and reports the board just voted for a light rail option for Crenshaw. More on the Crenshaw decision: "The vote by the Metro Board means that the project now advances to its final environmental study phase. As part of its vote, the Board accepted staff recommendations that light rail should be built instead of bus rapid transit and also selected a route, shown on the map above." There were a couple of amendments for the proposed 8.5-mile line, according to the blog. Notably, El Segundo will now not be considered as a site for a light yard rail facility (neither will Crenshaw), a move that would seem to come into response to the El Segundo mayor threatening legal action if the maintenance yard came to his city. Additionally, a study will be done to look at having the line tunnel underground between 48th and 59th streets.
· Metro Board says it’s light rail for Crenshaw [The Source]