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Downtown's "Jesus Saves" Building for Sale

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Black and white pic via avilon music

For all those people who talk about the gentrification of Broadway, here's a possible opportunity for a developer: Listed about a month ago, the United Artists Theater at 927 S. Broadway is for sale for $15 million, according to Loopnet. More about the building information via Cinemas Treasures: "The downtown United Artists Theatre was opened in 1927 by its founders Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, and Mary Pickford who needed the massive Spanish Gothic style movie palace as a venue for world premieres of their movies. With its elaborate exterior and interior, the former United Artists Theatre is now the home for Gene Scott's Los Angeles University Cathedral." Blogdowntown also noted the listing and reports the church is heading to Glendale. Meanwhile, those Jesus Saves signs are located on the back of the building.
· United Artists Theater, 14 story office building [LA Biz Journals]