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Outrage in Studio City, Bringing Back Broadway Mixer

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STUDIO CITY: Funny, doesn't look like California. A reader sends in photos of 4150 Colfax Ave./11644 Chiquita St in Studio City. "Three-story single family residence/almost no yard under construction. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. This is the worst McManion/example of mansionization I’ve seen." [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: If you're someone who likes to rack up holiday party invites, mark down this mixer. The Bringing Back Broadway group, that committee dedicated to revitalizing Broadway, is hosting a Happy Hour Mixer on Thursday Dec. 17 @5:30-7:30pm at Broadway Bar (830 S. Broadway). And there's a "good deed opportunity." Via the invite: "The newly opened Art Exchange Gallery at 816 S. Broadway in the Wurlitzer Building (just down the street from Broadway Bar) has invited happy hour goers to drop off no-longer-needed professional clothing at the gallery. The featured charity for contributions is Chrysalis, dedicated to helping economically disadvantaged and homeless individuals become self-sufficient through employment opportunities. Donors may drop off clothing at the gallery before coming to happy hour -and as an added bonus, may select a fine art print of equivalent value as a complementary gift." Drink specials, yada, yada. All are invited, according to the invite. [Curbed InBox]