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Tired of Being Dumped On, El Segundo Threatens to Sue

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Nothing brings out the pitchforks like a proposed light rail maintenance facility. Following reports of neighbors fighting the Expo Line's light rail yard, both the Daily Breeze and The Argonaut are reporting that MTA's proposal to build a light rail facility on 15 acres at the corner of Rosecrans Avenue and Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo is drawing criticism from El Segundo's mayor, who is threatening to sue over the proposed facility. Via the Daily Breeze, here's Mayor Kelly McDowell: “We’ve got two power plants, a giant sewage treatment plant, and we’re next door to an airport,” the El Segundo mayor asserted. “It’s time for government agencies and others to stop dumping these awful uses into the City of El Segundo. We have done our part.”

And here he is talking to The Argonaut: “El Segundo is not afraid of environmental litigation, and anyone doubting that can take a look at our record concerning the airport,” McDowell said. “This is the reason that there is no blinking at the City Council level about opposing MTA and this project.”

Westchester was also considered as a site, but City Councilman Bill Rosendahl is saying that there's no way the facility is coming to that neighborhood. If it did, some businesses, including the Westchester Playhouse, would have to relocate, according to the paper.

Roderick Diaz, project manager for the Crenshaw Corridor, tells the Argonaut that a final decision will be made later this month. In a conference call earlier this month, Diaz stated that El Segundo had "tentatively" been selected.

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