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Los Feliz Looks to Deny Actress More Shrub

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Ah, people and their tall fences. First, Christian Audigier filed a lawsuit when the city said his Hancock Park fences were too tall, and now the Los Feliz Ledger is reporting that a neighborhood council wants to deny an actress her right to more shrub. According to the Ledger, actress Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice), wants a higher hedge to keep out the paparazzi. (Photo evidence of the paparazzi stalking via the gossip site Just Jared.) But the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council’s (GGPNC) Planning, Zoning and Historic Preservation (PZHP) committee has recommended denial of Walsh's request, with some neighbors claiming that a taller hedge actually impedes safety for the community. One neighbor claims that the hedge actually blocks the view when she is trying to exit her driveway, and while Walsh has offered to cut a triangle in the shrub so the neighbor can have more visibility, the GGPNC seems firm in its decision. In a letter to the city's zoning administrator, the GGPNC "suggests that by permitting one resident to bend the rules without good cause, the city would set a dangerous precedent." Yeah, bend the rules once and suddenly penguin shrubs are moving in. Image of Walsh via SF Gate
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