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Inside Predock Frane's Habitat 15 on Detroit Ave

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Habitat 15 is the latest small-scale condo development from Habitat Group developer Richard Loring (who also did Habitat on the Park and Habitat Formosa, to name just few). As with all those other Habitats, Loring hired an well-known architect do the building--in this case, Santa Monica architects Hadrian Predock and John Frane, who ultimately won a 2009 American Institute of Architects Design Award for this project. The development opened about a month and half ago, and over the weekend, we checked out the two furnished units (seen in gallery). Prices range from $599,000 for a 1,241 square foot unit to $849,000 for a 2,013 square foot unit. Web site Plus Mood has superior architectural photos of the building, as well as the architecture-speak: "The project is deceptively simple – the rectangular exterior forms reveal an interior of multi-story interlocking and spatially dynamic volumes." Spatial references aside, how's everyone feeling about that white exterior? Update: *The development is in Los Angeles, not West Hollywood, as originally written.
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