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Can Third Street's New Parking Plan Keep Valets Honest?

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Someone is finally doing something about awful abuses of valet power, at least in one small area. The West 3rd Street Business Association and the 5th District City Council office are introducing a universal public valet service to Third between Fairfax and La Cienega, reports the Beverly Press. The service will launch by Thanksgiving. Under the plan, universal valet stands will operate along the stretch and charge $2 or $3. The majority of profit will come from business sponsorship, and the Beverly Connection has donated 100 parking spaces. The Press quotes City Councilmember Paul Koretz, who represents the area, saying the program is in response to "valets [who] have abused the public parking-metered and loading spaces, which causes congestion, hazardous conditions and frustration for customers searching for parking on nearby streets, and negatively impacts the residential and commercial corridor on and around Third Street." Mott Smith, a consultant hired by the business association, found that metered spots in the district were full by noon every day, mostly because of valets "taking up street parking with loading zones and competing for spots." He says, "We want to make money for the local businesses, not the valet company," and that the point isn't to push out other valets on the street, but to "raise the bar for service in the area."
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