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The Planning Department--and just about everyone else works for the city--may be taking mandated furloughs, and California's unemployment rate may have hit 20 percent, but City Council members are still making $178,000 a year, said to be one of the highest City Council salaries in the country. City Councilman Jose Huizar defends the salary in the Boulevard Sentinel, saying the councilmembers work so damn much that it's really like they're working two jobs. Also, don't head to City Hall if you're looking to borrow an eraser. "[Huizar] explained that all the council office's budgets were cut by 10%, which mostly came out of supplies. He said the council staff worked more hours than they were paid for already, and he couldn't see cutting their pay any." [Boulevard Sentinel] UPDATE: It would seem that in fact Huizar did in fact agree to cut salaries---of the council aides. On November 4th, the LA Times published a story that reported the City Council voted to cut the pay of aides to council members.