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Septic Tanks Flushed in Parts of Malibu

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As the Malibu Times mentioned last week, the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board was considering a septic tank ban in Malibu. A plan banning the tanks in central and eastern Malibu was approved last night, reports the Los Angeles Times. Environmental repercussions were the main reason for the move—surfers who contracted diseases after wading through raw sewage, a result of Malibu's use of septic tanks, offered up emotional testimony at last night's meeting. New septic tanks will be banned, and owners of commercial properties will have to phase out their current systems by 2015, and residents will have until 2019. The changes won't be cheap: "Residents in affected areas would be required to pay about $500 a month to cover the cost of hooking into a central sewage system, according to the city's projections. And businesses would face payments of up to $20,000 a month."
· Surfers win big victory as septic tanks banned in Malibu [LA Times]