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Van Nuys Would Like to Be Paid Back for All that Soundproofing

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Despite longstanding concerns by homeowners about noise, earlier this week the Federal Aviation Administration shot down plans to enforce a curfew at Burbank's Bob Hope Airport. While that decision may be appealed, it affects other area airports because a ban at Burbank would have resulted in planes being diverted to airports like Van Nuys, for instance. Meanwhile, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal reports that the Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council is now seeking reimbursement for the cost of installing insulation in homes near the airport. Via the SFVBJ: "The Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council passed a resolution urging the City of Los Angeles to seek reimbursement for installing insulation in homes near the airfield." It's not clear how many houses had the instillation, but here's the monetary figure mentioned: "During discussion on the resolution seeking reimbursement from the FAA for the sound insulation, airport staff could not give an exact amount that has spent but put the figure in the $10 million range. That amount would increase when the cost of noise consultants is factored in." Photo via T. Laurent
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