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More Ways to Wear LA Architecture: The Getty and Its Slimy Rocks

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It's Project Runway's first season filming in LA, so of course the show has to take a field trip to the Getty. The designers were asked to make dresses inspired by something at the museum, and the results were a little less promising than that Project Runway alum's Disney Hall affair we showed you a few weeks ago. Most chose pieces in the museum to work off of, but Althea picked the Getty building itself, and dear, sweet Christopher was inspired by the algae-covered rocks in one of the fountains.

Althea's Getty-inspired design.

Christopher's slimy rock-inspired design.

If your appetite for mild dismay hasn't been satiated yet, that picture above is for real--the mayor was on Project Runway last night. [First image via TV Guide; others via Huffington Post]
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