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705 West 9th Takes a Break, But Invites You Inside

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Here's your tour of 705 West 9th, developer Richard Meruelo's green-hued watery tower. This building is increasingly hard to keep track of--and not just because it changed its name (it used to be called 717 9th). First, Meruelo Maddux filed for Chapter 11, but kept the building out of the filing. A few months later, the building went into Chapter 11 protection, but that didn't stop the developer from continuing with pre-leasing*. And here's the latest: As of November 1st, leasing on the project is on hold. And the web site for the project has been taken down. And there's some speculation aka crazy rumors that perhaps the building is...going condo. Wouldn't that be sort of nifty? (The 214-unit tower, now finished and ready to move in, was built as condos, so it's possible it could change over.) A rep for Meruelo Maddux confirmed leasing has paused, but declined to comment further. He did, however, send over some recent photos. Gaze away. *Pre-leasing began after the Chapter 11; originally we said it was before.
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