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CurbedWire: Best Buildings Reminder, Barn Lofts Question

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Via John Williams Phd
LOS ANGELES: Don't forget to leave your comments/opinions/crazy rants on the post concerning The Most Important New Buildings/Rehabs of Existing Buildings* of the 2000s. The deadline is Monday 12 pm. And the responses are already coming in. At our request, City Councilman Eric Garcetti dutifully sent in a list. In addition to numerous Hollywood projects, he included this downtown building: "City Hall. A classic Los Angeles icon renovated in the 2000s." [Curbed InBox] *Update: As noted before, our contest includes rehabs.

DOWNTOWN: A reader writes: "Wondering if you know anything about what's happening with the Barn Lofts downtown on e.2nd?" We can tell you that construction is still going on (at least it was about two weeks ago). [Curbed InBox]