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New San Pedro School Pleases Environmentalists, Pisses Off Preservationists*

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[First five images via archinnovations; last four via CO Architects]

Land has been cleared and construction will begin next year on LAUSD South Region High School #15, to be built on 28 acres on the Upper Reservation of San Pedro's Fort MacArthur. The $85 million, 115,000 square foot school was designed by CO Architects, and archinnovations has the renderings. Look closely and you'll see 36 large wind turbines and many photovoltaic arrays--the school will generate 100% of its electricity onsite (We had previously written that it would generate at least 60%). Plus: views to Catalina.

If you squint, you also might be able to pick out original World War I- and II-era military buildings preserved by the LAUSD. There's a "historic district" planned for the southeast part of the site--five buildings are being moved to join ten others already in place. The LAUSD told the Daily Breeze it's spending $3.5 million on the preservation, but still there's been a kerfuffle. The LAUSD originally planned to move eight new buildings to the historic district, but three were cut because of bad original measurements. Two buildings were supposed to be moved to the site of the Fort MacArthur Museum, but because that would require major upgrades, at least one of those (a radar repair building) will go somewhere else on the property. Joe Janesic, who helps run the Fort MacArthur Museum, told the paper in the spring, "I expected especially after the Ambassador Hotel project, that the district would step up to the plate and try to redeem itself and do the right thing."
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