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CurbedWire Durbin Finally Gets Some Use, Scrap Yard Comes to Life

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ECHO PARK: We noticed a great-looking vintage Mercedes has crawled up onto the site of the Durbin, that stalled construction project in Echo Park. Is one of the developers parking his ride here? Clearly, no one is thinking creatively if using the lot for parking is the most creative idea that's being kicked around. [Curbed Staff]

WESTWOOD: Opening at the Hammer later this month: Scrap that Brooklyn-based artist Rob Fischer has found and fashioned together. "[Fischer] finds furniture, windows, mirrors, books, flooring, car parts, and other abandoned materials and reconfigures them to create large-scale sculptural environments that are like monuments to a forgotten past. Fischer’s use of these found materials is a commentary on the lifecycle of objects and how those discarded things will inevitably be reclaimed by nature." There's one excellent photo of what looks to be a floating house. Looks like it lasted longer than this one. [Hammer UCLA]