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Herald-Examiner Building Still Beautiful, Still Empty

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LA Observed reminded us that this week is the 20th anniversary of the demise of William Randolph Heart's Herald-Examiner. Since 2002, plans have been in place to redevelop the paper's old offices at 11th and Broadway, which were designed by architect Julia Morgan, who also designed the Hearst Castle. The fully-entitled, $350 million proposal would restore and convert Morgan's building into office and retail space, and add a 24-story Thom Mayne-designed residential building to where the Herald-Examiner's former Hill Street press building once sat, as well as a 37-story Mayne residential tower to nearby 12th Street. The towers, unsurprisingly, remain on hold because of the economy. Brenda Levin of Levin & Associates Architects was commissioned to work on the restoration of the Herald-Examiner building. [Photo via]

"Unfortunately I have no new news to report," Levin tells us in an email. "The building is still owned by the Hearst Co, which is the good news, but plans for renovation/reuse are on hold."

Marty Cepkauskas, head of real estate for Hearst, says, "Unfortunately, I don't have any updates with the downturn of the market and most development being on hold in Downtown LA; we fit into that category. We're waiting for things to turn around. We do have an approved project down there... I wish the market was better because we look forward to moving forward with the project."

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Herald-Examiner Building

1111 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA