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Call for Submissions: Name the Best Buildings of the Decade!

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With the decade closing out next year, a decree has gone down from our overlords in New York: Find the most important new buildings of the 00s. So, there’s your mission, dear readers. Since 2000, what are the most significant aka BEST new buildings to rise in Los Angeles? Be it a rehab of an existing building (say, the Eastern Columbia going condo) or the construction of a crazy-looking office building/shiny new condo tower/arts center, what are the most significant new or improved buildings of the 2000s? By significant, consider this criteria (or make up your own): A neighborhood game changer, an architectural wonder, a street-life enhancing marvel. We’ll also be polling various experts. If you want to nominate one or more buildings, leave a comment (with or without your name) below. And perhaps drop an explanation of why it's a significant contender. Or email your nomination and comments to (and make sure to note whether you want to be quoted by name or remain anonymous). Let the games, and nominees, begin. And yes, Disney Hall is likely a shoo-in. OR IS IT?