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How to Make Route 2's End Less Stubby and Crowded

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[Image via Eastsider LA]
Eastsider LA looks at the various proposed (and shot down) solutions to the ongoing problem that is the "jammed and chaotic" off-ramp of Route 2, a ramp that dumps motorists on Glendale Blvd in Silver Lake. According to the blog, residents have been pushing to turn the freeway bridge over Glendale Blvd into an elevated public plaza, but Caltrans and city's Department of Transportation want to keep the bridge open for motorists. Tonight, there's an already-unpleasant sounding MTA meeting where "officials will explain why the agency can't get behind the residents' proposal and will need more time and money to study yet another idea to untangle what's officially called the State Route 2 Terminus."
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