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CurbedWire: Santa Monica Blvd As Big Bike Lane? MAK Center Opens Its Doors

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LOS ANGELES: The LA Times reports on a group called cicLAvia who want to start a ciclovia, a time when a city closes off major roadways to cars and opens them entirely up to bicyclists, in LA. The idea, as explained by Jonathan Parfrey, director of the Green LA Institute, is "to create public space using the infrastructure we already have - our roads." Don't be so sure it won't happen--LA's associate director of energy and the environment says "we're looking for ways to support it." [LAT, image via]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: This Saturday, the MAK Center opens its doors, and everything is free. Programs and panels center largely around food and architecture topics, and the keynote is by Evan Kleiman, host of Good Food on 89.9 KCRW. Check out the full program here. [Curbed InBox]