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Carpenter Gothic Redwood Church in Santa Monica

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According to its listing, this former Methodist Episcopal church at 2621 2nd Street, is Santa Monica's oldest frame structure. Built in 1875, the 2,500-square-foot building, is built in the Carpenter Gothic style; it was also once home to artist Helen Taylor Sheats. Though more commonly associated with the iconic modernist residence the painter and her husband commissioned from John Lautner, Sheats lived here for over two decades, until her death in 1999." Designated a historic landmark, the two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom structure has been "resurrected as dynamic New York loft-like living space" with "contemporary free-floating de stijl like interiors." As comedian Dana Carvey's Church Lady would say, isn't that special? But we'll have to pass the collection plate around before we write a check for the deposit: Monthly rent for the building is $9,750.--Pauline O'Connor
Santa Monica, CA Landmark 48 [Crosby Doe Associates]

2621 2nd Street, santa monica