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MacArthur Park's Westlake Theatre Makeover (Partially) Explained

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Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times covered the Community Redevelopment Agency's (CRA) plans to partner with a developer to rehab the 1926 Westlake Theatre. According to the paper, local theater operators Music Box@Fonda, would operate the theater, which is currently being used as a swapmeet, while local Latino artist group Culture Clash would be the permanent performers in the space. "In addition to performing at the theater for a minimum of 30 days per year, Culture Clash would provide youth-oriented programming and instruction in writing and acting, said Leslie Lambert, the CRA's administrator for its Hollywood and Central region." CRA entered into an agreement last week with developer Millennium Group to begin negotiations to develop the theater, while one of the Culture Clash founders calls MacArthur Park "a very sophisticated place," and not an area devoid of culture. Meanwhile, the paper doesn't note any of those striking park improvements, but perhaps those are tied to the upcoming renovation.
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