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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 4: Commitment to Dogs and Property

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It's episode 4 of season 3 of MDL..and as bad as the show has been before, the wheels really come off this week. Was everything scripted? Chad and his dog proposal! Josh goes to a farm! Madison falls into a pool! Total scripted fuckery.

Once again, Madison Hildebrand is searching for homes for his wealthy client Camilo the Hut. Madison heads to Calabasas, which he helpfully notes is six miles from the ocean. He visits a shanty officially introduced as the "lowest priced house in Calabasas" which is on the market for $549k. Camilo hates it and sends Madison off to find a house "with a feel to it." Madison then takes Camilo to a shortsale listed for $1.195 million in Calabasas. Again Camilo hates it and begins to question Madison's abilities. As do we. Finally, with the desperation or boredom (we can't tell) showing on his face, Madison convinces Camilo to take a rental property in Beverly Hills which Madison negotiates down to $10k per month, furniture included. Camilo the Hut is pleased by the property, which he deems worthy of his presence.

Josh Flagg swoons over a rancher/developer from Montana who is trying to sell a piece of horse property in west Malibu. The Montanan apparently owns a lot of property in LA and Josh wants to ride that cowboy into the golden sunset. The listing is for a 21 acre property on Encinal Canyon Drive (formerly owned by Buddy Ebsen) with views of the ocean and a woman riding her horse. Josh and the Montanan agree on a price of $1.995 million after Josh flies to Montana to show his commitment to the Montanan and his property. While in Montana Josh wrestles with the rancher's little pony. Then he comes back to Malibu, and there's a montage scene of Josh trying on different equestrian themed clothes. This is the worst 1980's movie we've ever seen. At the end, the horse people who come to check out the property are able to see through Josh's fancy showing (white horses, white flags, champagne, chocolate strawberries, etc) and realize he doesn't know what he's talking about. No topographical maps? #FAIL
Chad Rogers gets a co-listing for the episode with his acquaintance Ben Bacal of Keller-Williams. The home is a 4,500 square foot, 3 bed/ 4 bath hillside home with a grill/ kegerator combo on Sunset Plaza Drive in the Hollywood Hills. The listing for the home on Chad's web site says it has 4 bedrooms and 5 baths. Hmmm. The client agrees to list the home for $4.2 million. Chad expresses disappointment in his co-lister Ben who seems to do his job half assed by showing up to the open house late and losing keys. The house fails to sell and the clients call Chad and Ben in for a meeting. As Chad explains why the home hasn't sold, Ben interrupts to announce that he has a verbal offer for the home of $3.3 million. Chad is taken by surprise since he wasn't informed of the offer. The clients balk at the price and decline to have the offer put in writing. Chad suggests leasing out the property, however the clients say they'll need at least $23k a month to cover their costs. Chad returns by episode's end with a leasing agreement of $19k per month, all paid up front. The clients take it. Ultimately, Ben comes off looking terrible in this episode. Poor guy. There's also a subplot about Chad, his dog, and his girlfriend and an ownership agreement that is too stupid to be believed so we refuse to write about it except for this very sentence in which we denounce this scripted segment.


Chad Rogers: On his listing in the Hills: "This area of Hollywood attracts everyone - from celebrities to business professionals."

Josh Flagg: The Montanan rancher/developer to Josh, "I'd like to see your marketing strategy in person."

Chad Rogers: The co-lister Ben name checks Philippe Starck but mispronounces his name.

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