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New To Market: Silver Lake Bungalow Duplex

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Uh oh. It looks like someone missed the memo about the housing bust. Because the asking price on this (admittedly kind of cute but tiny) bungalow duplex is a bit higher than its 2005 sales price. According to the listing, the property is a duplex, each one-bedroom, one-bath and the owners have enclosed a porch in one of the units for use as a home office. The units feature "hardwood floors, antique oven/ranges, moldings and clawfoot tubs" and each has a separate yard and patio. There's no parking except for street parking. The property was last sold in 2005 for $689,000. Today's asking price: $723,000 or $772 per square foot. Neighborhood comps are closer to $278 per square foot.
· 952 Venango Ave Los Angeles, CA 90029 [Redfin]