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Pasadena Alley Getting New Life as Walkway

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Apparently the Gold Line leg through Pasadena has a smallish subway portion running through lovely Old Town. For years, the underground right-of-way was covered by a blocked-off pathway, but now it's about to be turned into a pedestrian alley, blogger Brigham Yen reports. The changes—including planters, benches, and trash receptacles—were intended to improve pedestrian access to the Memorial Park Station, but an added benefit could be new outdoor festivals, farmer's markets, and nearby restaurants adding outdoor seating to the ped-only space. Pasadena's public relations officer Ann Erdman told Brigham new asphalt is going up next week and "hopefully by Thanksgiving the planters and other items will be put in place." The only downside is that the city can't add streetlights to the alley because holes cannot be dug into the underground tunnel, but local businesses are being encouraged to turn on lighting. This project joins other recent pushes to create alleys around the area, including that alley project behind the proposed Selma Hotel (if it's still happening) near the corner of Selma and Cahuenga in Hollywood.
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