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CurbedWire: LA 2.0 Thinkers Wanted, Not Too Late to Get in Concerto

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LOS ANGELES: Sometimes Good magazine reminds us of that earnest college roommate who just wants to discuss Foucault and his rejection of post-structuralist epistemology down at the student union (Good's best friends are Utne, who wants to explore womyn's role in shaping feminist discourse and Mother Jones, who just wants to smoke a j with you near the bleachers). But we can't help but love their earnestness, especially when it comes in this form. They're looking to form a think-tank. “'LA 2.0' will be a fast-paced, energetic afternoon think-tank with the best and brightest, most creative and critical urban thinkers in LA. The goal: to connect dynamic thinkers, get creative juices flowing, and emerge with a list of the top 5 catalytic strategies to improve the physical urban environment of Los Angeles..." Good plans on compiling the final recommendations in a letter to Obama’s Office of Urban Affairs and the City of Los Angeles. The application is due Nov 10th. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: It appears the closely-watched Concerto project has had some turnover in terms of available units. While the downtown building sold out at that August sale, four units are currently available, according to an email blast sent out today by the company. A 983-square foot one-bedroom is asking $330,075. You can probably just make out your check to those Connecticut investor dudes aka the buyers of the loan that are likely making a ton of money off this deal. (That's a guess on Connecticut). [Curbed InBox]