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Proposed Locally Preferred Alternative for 2 Freeway Terminus Not Preferred by Locals

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Last week Metro's Planning & Programming Committee voted to recommend that the Metro Board adopt the "Hybrid Alternative" as the Locally Preferred Alternative for dealing with the 2 Freeway terminus. They also voted to recommend funding an environmental analysis of the plan. Ultimately Caltrans, the lead agency on the project, will have to adopt the plan for it to become the official LPA. Here are some of the things the Hybrid Alternative currently does, according to a Metro document shared at the meeting:

· Convert existing southbound off-ramp to open space
· Relocate SB off-ramp to east of SR-2 with right-turn only
access to NB Glendale Blvd.
· Construct barrier/soundwall between flyover and open
space area and install traffic metering and calming devices.

· Install landscaped medians on SR-2 from Terminus north
to merge with existing median, and along Glendale Blvd
between Allesandro and Apex
· Develop pedestrian and bicycle access along the SR-2
Flyover between Duane and Waterloo
· Convert to open space the unused part of the SR-2 Flyover
and incorporate with
· Relocate SB off-ramp to east of SR-2 with right-turn only access to NB Glendale Blvd.

It also includes new signage, restriped lanes, traffic cameras, new crosswalks at Alessandro and Waterloo, and traffic calming devices on Waterloo. Metro puts a rough order of magnitude cost at $18 million and estimates construction can begin in 2011.

Community members have been backing a plan that would turn the southbound flyover ramp into a public plaza and successfully lobbied to have the option included in an environmental impact report. Metro, the Department of Transportation, and Caltrans all have to partner on this, and according to the Echo Park Community Action Committee, it's LADOT who pushed to keep cars on the flyover. The item the committee adopted last week says both LADOT and Caltrans were concerned about safety in the community's plan. Eastsider LA reports that "a consultant working with the MTA said the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council had sent a letter supporting the hybrid alternative."
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