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655 Hope Reminds Everyone It's Still Around, HKS on the Hollywood W

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DOWNTOWN: An email blast over the weekend from the folks at 655 Hope, that green tower that has been long-delayed in opening, informed everyone that the building would be "opening soon." That's pretty much all the email said, but nice to hear from you, 655 Hope. [Curbed Inbox] Via Friday in LA

HOLLYWOOD: The Hollywood W has been releasing marketing movies about its project, and we're told that a video featuring HKS architect Eddie Abeyta will go up tomorrow. Let's see what the man has to say--you can watch the video here. And via this 2008 interview, one learns that Abeyta is 39 or 40 years old and that he makes a salary of $250,000-$350,000. How terrific. [Curbed InBox]