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Small Hollywood Project, Help Save Long Beach from Itself

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HOLLYWOOD: If you live around 1352 N. Fairfax and 1356 N. Fairfax, between Sunset and Fountain, maybe this will interest you. Via the city's Planning Department comes news of plans to demolish two (2) one-story, single family dwellings built in 1920 and put up a 16-unit apartment building, measuring 35 feet in height, 25,800 sf of construction and 36 parking spaces at the ground floor. If we're using Google maps correctly, those are the two homes. The developer is looking for various zoning changes, yada, yada. [Curbed Staff]

LONG BEACH: Via the email newsletter for the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation comes this rallying cry: "Save Long Beach's Atlantic Theater, Help Save Long Beach from Itself! Long Beach Redevelopment Agency will discuss a proposed development that would require the demolition of the Atlantic Theatre. Write a letter, too!" The CRA meeting is on December 7th at 9am at 333 W. Ocean Blvd. And here's the Save the Atlantic Theater's Facebook page. [Curbed InBox]