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Schindler How House Back On The Market - With Major Reduction

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The fire sale on pedigreed architecture continues unabated. Is Lautner's Elrod House too flashy for you? Frank Lloyd Wright La Miniatura too small? Then maybe Schindler's How House is more to your liking. The gem in the MAK Center's recent architecture tour, the meticulously restored 1925 house first went on the market in September 2008 for almost $5 million. Owned by preservationist Michael LaFetra and declared a Historic Cultural Monument, the house suffered a serious pricechop in June to $4 million. After failing to sell, the house was delisted in September, but it's back and quite frankly, we think priced to sell. Given the cost of the home and the extensive renovation (the redwood had suffered from termite damage, there was water damage and LaFetra also removed the asbestos), the asking price is likely close to what LaFetra has spent on the house. New asking price: $2.795 million.
· 2422 Silver Ridge Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039 [Redfin]

How House

2422 Silver Ridge Ave. , Los Angeles, CA

How House

2422 Silver Ridge Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039